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A time tracking system plays a vital part in every business and is necessary to better project planning. Time tracking is an easier, better and faster way to track time. Yet, too many businesses still identify employee with old-school punch clocks and time cards.

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If your business is unable to measure time, how are you going to ensure engagement? Who’s to ensure they’re spending their time on priority tasks and not working unnecessary overtime? 

If your business is unable to measure time, how are you going to ensure engagement?

This article will guide you on what to look for in a time tracking system and how to ask the right questions. 

What to Look for in A Time Tracking System:

  •  Versatility

Night Shift Workers

A time tracking system enhances your business standards and act as a business asset.  A good time tracker tracks hours worked in real-time from any location. It integrates employees’ time cards with shift scheduling and payroll processing. A powerful time tracker not only appeals to management but also acts as a user-friendly experience for employees. It helps them to track their job costing and work towards keeping everyone on track of their time. 

  • Accuracy

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One of the desirable qualities of a time tracking system is the ability to keep track of employees’ hours accurately. Having a consistent set of attendance records ensures employees get paid for the actual time they work. Businesses save themselves from being vulnerable to payroll and overtime errors, buddy punching, poor scheduling and human errors. These are often brush off as oversight. It also eliminates the hassle of employees calling on their managers to report sick. Now, employees can self-service online and all employers have to do is approve or reject at the moment.

  • Cost-Effective

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A time tracking system can help your business to save costs. It’s a huge cost-saving tool that most businesses don’t notice yet. You can save your bookkeeper hours when processing payroll and save your business money. Time and energy is also wasted on these manual tasks that can now be done through automation. Businesses also get reports on their financial insights, including key performers, hours and wages, working status, overtime and deductions etc. 

  • Ease of Use

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Look for a time tracking system that’s effortless and painless to use. One that comes with a clean interface is essential for a seamless User Experience (UX). It has to provide relevant information in real-time and help you track any time issues. Choose a solution that solve your time tracking needs of your human capital. This includes managing employee schedules and handling all paid-time-off calculations.

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  • Mobile Responsive

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One of the essential aspects of technology is responsive designs across many devices and screen sizes. This ensures positive UX with consistent interface across all devices including their desktop. You want a solution that offers employees many ways to capture their attendance – including web browsers and mobile devices. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) also plays a part in the importance of mobile-friendly designs. There’re employees who are blue-collar workers and a time tracking system that’s compatible with their mobile devices is essential. It also gives employers an edge on where they’re supposed to work at. 

Asking The Right Questions to Determine the Time Tracking System for Your Business:

Even business owners like you get into a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right time tracking system for your business.

It’s overwhelming with endless options of web-based time tracking software available on the market. Thus, we’re here to help you narrow down your options. There are two things you need to bear in mind.

  • The Company Behind the Product
  • The Needs of Your Employees 

The first thing you should do is conduct research on the company behind the product. You want to ensure you’re given the best time tracking solution you can find. You want only the best for your employees. Thus, it’s important that the people who built it wants the best for you.

Here’s what to ask yourself about the company behind the product:

  • Is it a complete time tracking solution that is backed by an established, well-staffed, company you can contact for dedicated and unlimited customer support?
  • Do they have credible and trustworthy testimonials and reviews from existing clients?
  • Do they have apps available on both iOS and Android? How about those without smartphones?
  • What is your investment objective? e.g. to detect employees’ working hours and boost productivity?
  • Does this product you’re considering meet your investment objective?
  • Are there alternative products that offer similar benefits and risks to this product you’re considering? How does this product compare with alternative products? 

Because you deserve the best.

Once you determine the type of business you would like to work with, it’s time for the next step. Your employees are your assets to your business. Thus, considering the needs of your employees is also one of your priorities.

Here’s what to ask yourself about the needs of your employees:

  • Are they tech-savvy?
  • Do they work in the office or out in the field?
  • Do managers need to be able to see who’s working now and where?
  • Will it have a long term effect in helping your employees improve their work activity? 
  • Do they prefer automation of their time or texting/calling their managers to check in?
  • Will it fulfil the expectations of your employees and your business needs?

It all comes down to this:

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The right time tracking system is easy to use, provide management with real-time excess and the ability to track employees’ time. It serves as a guide to assist managers on realising who their key employees are and whether they’re completing a job on time and within the budget.

When you improve the workplace status by initiating employee responsibility, you’re establishing productivity and profitability for your business.

You’ll be able to track project costing, daily achievements and get a variety of real-time reports. Now you can have the correct information and incorporate these insights into your business strategy. 

It’s your duty as an employer to find the right time tracking system that’s compatible with both your employees and business. When you determine your objectives, you’ll find it easier to make the right choice. 

You can use this article we provided to set your objectives. Do your research and take the time to figure out what makes your business tick. 


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