7 Habits of Exceptionally Happy People


What do happy people have in common?

What make some happier than others?

What’s your definition of happiness? 

When you’re at the lowest point of your life, do you look at happy people and ask yourself, “What are they doing to be happy?”

People who’re happy have a set of habits they do on a consistent basis.

By implementing these simple habits, you too are on your way to happiness. 

1) Think Positively and Watch Your Life Change


Everything we say and do comes from our mind. Happy people tend to have positive thoughts and emotions. This doesn’t mean they don’t have bad moments, but they let the positivity outrun the negativity. They have a strong state of mind that reminds them to be good and have kind thoughts. 

One little negative thought can destroy your way to happiness. Happy people know they’re in charge of their own happiness. They don’t let others define or influence their mood. Of course, this is easier said than done, but know that you’re not alone. And this can be done once YOU decide to believe in yourself and realise that there’s no one else but YOU who have control to your life. 

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2) Be Grateful and Say Thank You


Happy people feel the need to show appreciation. They’re always expressing their thanks to others. This makes others remember them for their good character and manners. 

When you’re grateful, you’re contented and have the ability to see the good in others, despite their flaws. In order to make the world a better place, you believe that it starts with yourself. When you’re surrounded with positive thoughts and actions, you attract people like you. People want to be around you, because you make their lives including yours, very happy. 

3) Stay Active and Realise There’s So Much More to Life


We’re all familiar that when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins triggers a positive feeling in the body and energizing outlook on life. 

Those who’re happier than others tend to involve themselves in many activities. They do things they have interest and are passionate in. They never stop pursuing. 

Do you have something that you’ve always wanted to do? What’s holding you back? It’s time to start now and see for yourself how it changes you. The more you enjoy doing what you do, the more fulfilled you’ll feel, and the happier you’ll be. The only regret you’ll have is why you didn’t start sooner. 

All of us have at least a few things we do well or things we always wanted to give it a try. Find ways to do those things more often. You’ll be a lot happier.

4) Surround Yourself with Good People and Stay Drama Free


These days, it’s rare to find people who have the best interests at heart for you.

Nothing beats having friends you can count on. 

Spending time with people you like promotes your well-being and happiness. This allows you to look at life from a different perspective. Remember – it’s the quality, not quantity.

Make friends both at work and outside of work and maintain strong friendships with those you already have. Make real friends. 

5) Give and Give


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Happy people live in a gracious and selfless state. It’s natural for them to want to do nice things for people. There’s no pretense or ulterior motives; happy people just want to make others happy. 

The feeling of happiness from giving rather than receiving is different. Giving can also be more beneficial for the giver than the receiver. 

It feels great to help someone in need. But not all of us are willing to lend a hand. Not only is helping those in need purposeful, it also serves as a reminder of how fortunate we actually are and to be thankful for what we have. 

But, receiving is something out of your control. Think of it this way. You can’t force others to help you but you can always control whether you want to help others. 

6) Live the Life You Want to Live


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

You are in charge of your life. Happy people are aware and recognise that the opinions of others don’t define who they’re or how they should live their life. They want to live the life they have for themselves.

This requires a high-level of self-confidence and self-esteem when you don’t let others affect you or change you to become a version of what they want you to be. It’s your beliefs, your dreams, your goals. Thus, surround yourself with people who believe and care for you. More importantly, you got to believe in you. 

Make choices that’ll help you, grow you. Say things you want to say to the people who most need to hear them. Express your feelings. Start being and doing you and soon enough, you’ll find people who belong in your life. 

7) It’s Your Choice. Take Control.


It’s up to you. Like the old saying, your happiness lies in your own hands. To be happy, one needs to cherish and take care of himself. An effort needs to be made to process good thoughts, live in gratitude, eat well and make a conscious choice to be happy. 

How can you actually do this?

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