Who Else Wants to Get Their Hands on These Life-Changing Tech Products


Technology has indeed improved and made our lives more comfortable and convenient (even if we tend to take it for granted). From smart TVs, smartphones and even smart homes – these tech products has changed the way we seek for information including the things we do every day.

And that’s not all technology has to offer.

Here at Attune Press, we scoured the Internet in search of these life-changing tech products that’ll not only enhance and add value to your life but astonish everyone around you.

1) pCells by Artemis

Image Credit: The Fullerton Informer

If you ever wish for the ability to receive full-speed data rate to your device – no matter the number of users using the same network – say hello to pCells.

Many consider poor cellular connectivity as a first-world ordeal. Some common situations that we may have found ourselves in are the failure to upload an important document and the inability to stream a HD video. These experiences disrupt our user experience, and can be extremely frustrating.

The source of such experiences lies in demand outstripping wireless data supply. Current technology requires each connected device to share any available wireless capacity, and thus each device only receives a fraction of the spectrum capacity.

To solve this problem, Artemis has developed pCells technology to ensure stability in mobile cellular connectivity anytime, anywhere. With pCells, each device has its own individual spectrum capacity. Even when you find yourself in the biggest crowd where everyone is using data, pCells technology allows each device to receive the full spectrum capacity and operate at full speed.

Now we never have to go through another ‘buffering’ moment, ever.

2) Lilium Aviation

Image Credit: Lilium Aviation

You saw that right – it’s the world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing jet. And you know what that means; no more getting stuck in traffic jams or queuing at the airport for hours!

If you find yourself unable to contain your excitement and would love to get a license to operate the Lilium Jet, you will require 20 hours of training to fully operate it.

You may be exclaiming, “Only 20 hours?! How safe is this?” The Lilium jet is operated via its fully computer-assisted control system which explains the short training phase.

With a scheduled rollout of January 2018, those who wish to escape the traffic jams of the world could attempt to get themselves on a waiting list by emailing Lilium Aviation’s corporate account.

What’s there not to love when it seems like the whole world is yours with this innovative form of travelling experience. The future of aviation begins now and with YOU!

To take off, it requires a flat area of approximately 15mx15m. On land, its wings folds in and transforms into a sleek pod shaped car. With a single charge, the vehicle that sits 2 and has a max velocity of 400km/h could travel up to 480km.

3) Phree

Image Credit: otmtech
Image Credit: otmtech

While you can’t make the world yours, you can now make the world your paper!

Phree is the world’s first unrestricted, high resolution, write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device. It makes writing, drawing and annotating on virtually any surface possible.

For creative and inspiring minds out there – any surface is now your work of space. Whenever an idea or thought hits you, you can immediately jot it down on any surface including your hand, and it will instantly appear on the screen of your device.

This only works if Bluetooth connects you with your phone, laptop, etc. Using the device’s screen to render real-time digital ink from Phree’s pressure-sensitive tip, Phree’s 3D optical tracking engine precisely measures its motion and sends digital ink to any Bluetooth device.

Take a notch up with your digital interaction. And if that isn’t enough for you, Phree also has a mini touch display that allows instantaneous reply to notifications and even doubles as a handset to take phone calls.

Shipping is expected to start September 2016 and you can pre-order now and save 20%!

4) Magic Leap

Image Credit: c.fastcompany

Since its inception in 2010, Magic leap has raised $1.4 billion and is valued at $4.5 billion without releasing a product. Now, that’s impressive.

Instead of coming up with products, Magic Leap has instead released videos that provide tantalizing glimpses of its capabilities. Magic Leap has since remained as a secretive startup while hinting us that the magic is right around the corner.

Magic Leap categorises its technology as ‘mixed reality’, where synthetic digital images merge with real spaces. Their technology tricks our brain to think that digital light signals as real as the world around us.

Though not much is known of how Magic Leap is going to incorporate its technology into products or how it works, one employee describes Magic Leap as “dreaming with your eyes open.”

Even the engineers who’re building Magic Leap’s technology are finding it difficult to explain what the technology is and how it feels like to experience it.

Magic Leap might eventually be incorporated into some type of goggles, or it might not require any kind of headset or device. The vision for Magic Leap is that it would allow technology to exist like magic, and not interfering with life.

Definitely sounds like something we all can look forward to.

5) Lily Camera

Image Credit: i.ytimg
Image Credit: i.ytimg

Have you ever dream of the perfect shot of you doing something cool? Be it a water-sport, skydiving or any other adrenaline activities – you wouldn’t want to miss capturing these moments.

Even if someone or even yourself did capture the moment – is it really the best take?

Lily started in September 2013 and has since become everyone’s personal photographer cum videographer.

Lily camera works in 3 easy step:

  1. Ready Lily’s tracking device
  2. Throw Lily
  3. Enjoy your activity


While you are in the midst of your activity, Lily flies itself to capture your experience and adventures on the go, at every angle from the front, side, back, and even a 360-degree loop around you.

Another pull factor is that Lily has an in built camera that shoots at 1080p and 12Mp for stills. It’s also able to shoot slow-motion at 720p. This device is ultra-portable and fits easily into any backpack at 1.3kg, 26cm wide and 8cm thick.

Travelling at a max speed of 40km/h, Lily can fly up to 15m, for 20 minutes, and can be up to 30m away from you. It’s also waterproof and buoyant, allowing it to land safely in water.

Can Lily record the audio of my activity?

Lily’s tracker has a microphone that will record any audio from your activity and automatically synchronizes audio with the video it records. Lily is also intelligent enough to land itself safely if its battery is low (The tracking device will send pulse vibrations to you).

One downside of Lily is it lacks obstacle avoidance capabilities. This means that Lily is only optimized when deployed in a vast open area which is built to capture life-changing moments for all of us.

6) Project Ara

Image Credit: atap.google

“Life and technology change quickly. So does Ara.”

Introducing Google’s modular phone, Ara.

The Ara frame contains all the functionality of a smartphone including six flexible slots for easy swapping. This means you get to innovate, customise and personalise your own unique phone, your way.

Image Credit: cdn.arstechnica
Image Credit: cdn.arstechnica

Ara slots fit neatly into the frame, allowing for upgrades, innovation and style. Users are able to swap out the slots that perform the function of a camera, speaker, and projector. Should the user be a sound buff, he can remove the camera and projector slots and fit in more speaker slots.

Powering this simplicity is Greybus, a new bit of software deep in the Android stack. Greybus supports instantaneous connections, power efficiency and data-transfer rates of up to 11.9 Gbps. The Ara frame is built with durable latches and connectors to keep its modules secured. Ara modules are designed around standards, allowing them to work with new generations of frames and new form factors.

Unfortunately, as the CPU, GPU, antennas, sensors, battery and display are not swappable modules, as time pass, users would still have to replace Ara when if it becomes obsolete.

On a more positive note, Google is inviting developers to build Ara together in an open marketplace where new smartphone technology could be created.

7) BumpMark

Image Credit: static1.squarespace
Image Credit: static1.squarespace

How do we ensure that our food is safe for consumption? Easy. Simply check the expiry date stated on the packaging right? Think again.

Designer Solveiga Pakstatite has invented a bio reactive food label that is capable of informing both the sighted and the visually impaired of the state of their food. The label is made up of gelatin, and would decay at the same rate as the food that the packaging contains.

Image Credit: i.dailymail
Image Credit: i.dailymail

This award-winning food expiry label, Bump Mark, is a food freshness checker that reacts to the environment around it and updates itself. The label is smooth and curved when the food is fresh, and when the gel expires, it turns back into a liquid that allows you to feel bumps underneath, letting you know that your food is bad.

If you think about it – from the day of production to your local grocery store, your food might have been exposed to heat which causes it to decay. And this cannot be reflected on an expiry label.

As mentioned, the label of made of up gelatin and is a natural food product which is high in protein, so it decays at the same rate as other protein foods and it can be calibrated to match different meats that have various decay rates.

Some limiting factors of Bump Mark are it’s only applicable to protein-based food, and it has to be stuck on at the same time as production. Bump Mark is not applicable for leftover food.

So, isn’t it about time we had access to naturally accurate information especially when it comes to the food we consume?

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