These Wearable Technologies Want To Keep Your Health In-Check


Since the wearable technology market came into existence, most of its focus has been on entertainment. With the rise of wearable tech in Virtual Technology and Augmented Reality, gaming enthusiasts experienced a revolution in the way games are played.

Besides gaming, entrepreneurs are exploring the possibilities of integrating wearable technology in healthcare. Several exciting products are developed with the potential to not only improve our health, free us from disabilities but also act as trends and fashion statements.

The following article lists a diverse range of wearable technology within the future of the digital economy in healthcare. Whether it’s shaping your habits or changing your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.

1)  The EyeForcer

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Be it the biting of nails or leaving dirty laundry lying around for weeks, we all know how tough it is to kick a habit. Technology has taken away having the experience in children playing in the real word with others.

Instead, most of the time, we find them glued to their smart devices.

With countless of hours spent interacting with their smart devices, the rise of spinal injuries (Gameboy Disease) are increasing. Fortunately, The EyeForcer can straighten out such bad posture!

The EyeForcer is your next go-to lightweight wearable device. It serves to prevent children from developing bad posture when using their smart devices.

The EyeForcer looks like a pair of glasses without lenses and fits with a Bluetooth radio, accelerometer and battery pack. It connects to an Android app and if users demonstrate a bad posture, it alerts them up to 5 times before shutting down the application.

2) Reveal

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There’s so much we don’t know and need to learn about autism. It’s the lack of knowledge that makes it increasingly challenging for families and friends who live with people with autism.

Broadly defined, people diagnosed with autism find themselves faced with communication barriers and difficulty in building relationships with others. It makes them more likely to breakdown from heightened sensitivity levels.

Those who find themselves faced with difficulty understanding autism behaviour can now look to Awake Labs.

Awake Labs have developed Reveal, a wearable technology that measures and tracks anxiety in real time.

Reveal uses sensors and algorithm to measure and track physiological signals, and can notify changes in such signals. Senses measured include heart rate, skin temperature and sweat levels. With these features, parents and caregivers can react and execute proper measures.

They understand what prompts those with autism to act in certain ways and can provide support at the right time, thus reducing the occurrence of breakdowns. The successful development of Reveal tells us one thing. The world is raising awareness and wants to help those with autism, and the people supporting them.

More importantly, Reveal empowers individuals to be independent with the ability to keep track of his own anxiety levels. Currently, Reveal is available in a bracelet or a device that’s attachable to apparel such as socks.

Interested in funding this amazing project? You can do it here.

3) Enchroma


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The world is a majestic place that is adorned with stunning views. Most individuals are privileged enough to be able to appreciate the beauty of these sceneries. Yet, there’re others who may not have the ability to do so.

Up to 300 million people worldwide have colour blindness. They have difficulty differentiating between colours as they see things in unsaturated colours. As such, they are unable to witness the world in its full splendor.

Thanks to EnChroma, the Colour Blind can now view the world as it is with their revolutionary sunglass. These glasses cater to people with colour blindness. It enhances color perception by separating light into its primary spectral components before they reach the eyes.

EnChroma glasses are an optical assistive device. It’s NOT a cure for color blindness and results vary on individuals.

EnChroma lens enhances all primary colours including red, green and blue. But, it’s not effective for those with strong colour deficiency.

4) Athena


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To find ourselves faced with the option of having the need for a personal safety device make us wonder about the state of the society we live in. However, with cases of harassment and violence towards women being a prevalent problem, Philadelphia-based entrepreneur, Yasmine Mustafa has taken it upon herself to protect women worldwide.

Athena is a wearable device that activates help upon holding the button for 3 seconds. Thereafter, Athena sounds an alarm with the same decibel level (85db) as a freight train. It sends a message to predetermined friends and family, indicating the user’s distress.

Recipients of the message receive a map of the individual’s location, including directions, and the option to call him or the police. Athena connects via Bluetooth and is both Android and iOS compatible.

For each device sold, a percentage gets invested in educational programs to increase empathy and reduce violence. While ten percent of proceeds from their crowdfunding campaign goes towards raising awareness on warning signs of abuse and helping those faced with relationship violence.

Are you ready to do your part and ROAR for the greater good?

5) Quell


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Life is full of possibilities waiting for us to uncover, experience and live in. But the intensity of chronic pains can inhibit us from living a fulfilling life.

Do you have nights when you experienced unexplainable pain that persist through the night? Are these pains inhibiting you from conducting your daily activities?

Fret not. Life isn’t meant to stop due to these ‘limitations’.

Pioneering wearable relief, Quell is a 100% drug free OptiTherapy® technology that provides therapy to relieve pain. It’s designed for people with back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain and leg and foot pain.

With Quell you can now fall asleep, and stay asleep. Quell taps into your body’s natural pain relief response, blocking pain signals and provides custom therapy so that you’ll get the exact amount of pain relief to your body. Watch it initiates therapy every other hour throughout the night. Impressive, right?

Every aspect of the product is designed for wearability and comfort. It’s worn on a user’s upper calf and is supported by iOS and Android apps via Bluetooth.

These products are developed with the intention of providing aid to others in health and wellness. They’ve changed and enhanced the lives of many. Isn’t it wonderful what people out there are developing under the ‘Internet of Things’?

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