6 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Followers into Customers


You’re reading this because you understand the importance of turning your followers into customers.  

Engagement is what drives action, which leads to sales. Without their support and response, you won’t be able to do what you do. How many of your followers are actually paying customers? Having a credible amount of followers is important to build trust and credibility for your business. But, it’s still customers you need. 

Here’re 6 ways to increase your presence and engagement and convert your social media followers into customers.

1) Everything Begins with a Plan – build a Social Media Strategy

game plan

The first step towards putting yourself out there is to have a social media strategy. Click To Tweet

A strategy serves as a guide and a starting point of your brand. Do your research. Develop a well-planned content strategy. What social platforms are you going to use? How many times a week are you going to post? What is the tone of your brand?

Set realistic goals (driving website traffic, generate leads etc.) you want to achieve and review them with your social media analytics and insights. Even if you did not meet the goals you’ve set, continue to set goals so that you have a clear direction of your business.

More importantly, be SMART in your social media marketing strategy: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. 

2) Create High-Quality, Engaging Content Your Readers Find Useful and Relevant

creating content

People come to you for information. You need to make them interested in what you’ve to say. Besides optimising your site as SEO worthy, write for humans.

Use inbound marketing by creating rich and engaging content that makes your business accessible on the web and earn the attention of customers that draws them to your website.

So what kind of content should you create? Besides posting on popular topics in your industry, create topics around FAQ from your customers. What’re the common problems they face or complains they seem to have? Use them and create content that answer to these questions.

People come to you for information when they find it useful and engaging because you’re the expert they want to hear from. They trust you. Be helpful, be patient and prove that you want to help.

3) Accept Constructive Advice to Improve Customer Relationships


The secret to better experiences and relationships in every business is to listen. Are your followers 100% satisfied? Have you address their complaints or suggestions?

You may encounter negative feedback from your followers and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can’t please everyone. But, you can use that to find out what went wrong and make changes accordingly. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, it should motivate you to further improve on your business. 

You can also get insights from analysing statistics and reports from your social media management tools. Some of which I used are Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. They give you real-time tracking, insights, reports and engagement that’ll help you to understand your followers in a new light. They tell you what’s working and what’s not, including the latest trends in your industry. 

When you solve the complaint or went on with the suggestion, let them know! This increases your chances of earning a lifetime customer. 

Tip: make use of this opportunity to prove that you’re not just trying to clinch a sale. You want to build relationships based on trust and credibility when it comes to your brand.

4) Give Your Customers Credit for Using Your Brand


Another way to show customers you listen is to repost what they’re saying about your brand. Reposting content from your followers revolving around your brand gives you a chance to promote your business and show the customer you are truly thankful for their purchase. 

You can also invite and feature your biggest fans for an exclusive interview opportunity to generate authentic testimonials of them talking about your products. 

These testimonials are what turn your followers into customers. Sharing testimonials further reminds followers about your products. It proves that others have found your services or products to be valuable.

Another relevant way is to get in touch with influence who’re interested in collaborating or are already using your brand!

Customers who buy your products like what they’re receiving. The approach used by most companies is to let them know you recognised their buying efforts.

5) What’s Your Brand Personality? Express It!


Besides promoting your products, it’s important to connect with your followers on another level. Show faces, people and behind the scenes photos. Add some fun and uniqueness in your brand can showcase your brand personality.

This encourages people to engage with you and differentiate your brand from others. When your customers form a relationship with your brand, they become valued customers. 

When your customers form a relationship with your brand, they become valued customers. Click To Tweet

6) Brand Loyalty: Showing Customers You Care


Demonstrating brand loyalty is the biggest challenge for any business. To have loyal customers you need loyal followers and for a follower to become a customer, you must act first. 

Demonstrating brand loyalty is the biggest challenge for any business. Click To Tweet

Treat your followers like your dear friends. Show them consistent concern and let them know their opinions matter. Respond when they leave a comment or need help.

One brand who does this particularly well is Gerard Cosmetics. You can take a look at their Instagram page. Whenever customers compliment their products, they reply them with a sense of gratitude. They’re also always there to help whenever a customer faces an issue with their service or products. 

This is what creates loyal customers. Brand loyalty is the result of your customers behaviour. They’ll buy from you, regardless of convenience or price when you demonstrate brand loyalty. 

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