How to Write a Persuasive Job Posting (With These 7-Steps)


Writing a job posting is easy. Writing a persuasive job posting that make people want to join your company is the real challenge. How do you write a job posting that differentiates yours from the masses?

Why does this matter?

In a candidate-driven market, how do you seize the attention of these people to apply for  your job posting? You want people with talent and skills to work with you, to bring value to your company and to help you generate sales. 

How are you going to do just that? Is it just about writing a quick description of your company with vague job responsibilities, and expecting people to hit the ‘Apply’ button? 

Here’s how you can write a persuasive job posting with these 7 steps:

1) Empathise with the Job Seeker. Be Human.

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You’ve been through the stage of looking for a job. You know what it’s like. You’re aware of how dreading and exhausting it can be (it eats you up) – especially when you don’t get results. The anxiety and tension is a built-up process.

How can you as an employer make it easy for the job seeker? 

Every job search begins with reading job posts. To make things simple, it’s time to empathise with these candidates. Take a moment and put yourself in their shoes to think about where and what do they want to see in a job posting. 

If you’re looking for an intern, look for niche job sites cater to provide students with internship services. This will not only increase your chances of getting the target audience you seek, and also maximise your reach as a company.  

2) Honesty Takes You a Long Way

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No one likes the feeling of getting cheated out of something. Don’t hide a job responsibility and reveal it after you hire. The element of surprise will be what sets the distance between your hire and the company. 

When candidates take the chance to apply to your job posting, they remember and take what you have to offer. So be as honest and straightforward as possible – just like how you would want your candidate to be. 

Tell them the key characteristics. Who you’re looking for, what the role requires and even introduce them to your company culture (Outdoors Tuesday Night/Lunch Together Wednesday/Monthly Company Sports Event). Salary can be a sensitive question. If you don’t want to reveal it yet, tell your candidates about other benefits that sets you apart from your competitors. 

3) Informative Descriptions that Pique Candidates Interest


What you say in your job posting would determine if applicants hit the ‘Apply’ button. It goes both ways – you would skip an irrelevant resume, so would a job seeker who would move along to a more ‘interesting’ job description. 

Write the job posting with one question in mind – why should the candidate want to work for your company, and not for a competitor? This is what will make your company unique. 

Job seekers want as much useful information as possible on what they may do for a long time. Include specifics about the job responsibilities and expectations of a candidate. 

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or having a sense of humour works too.

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4) Simple Application Procedure that Doesn’t Cause Frustration

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Have you ever faced a complicated sign up procedure or bad website usability? As mentioned earlier, searching for a job is a tedious and stressful process. With the added frustration and anxiety, companies should make the application process seamless. 

Candidates don’t have the time to register or fill out long-process forms. They’re racing with the time here. All they want to do is reach out to potential companies ASAP with their resumes. Put your job posting on job boards that allow job seekers to apply with as little steps as possible.

5) Optimise the Job Title to What Candidates Will Actually Search

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Like the subject title of an email, the power lies within making someone click on it. What will you type if you were the candidate? Think about that and there you have it, the job title that people will actually search for.  

Attract the talent you want by thinking of who’re the people you want to hire.

The job title is the first piece of information your candidates will read. This means it should also relate to the position and job description of your company. 

6) What Does Your Brand Say? 

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What does your job posting say about your brand? Does it communicate the company’s goals and objectives to the candidate?

Your brand should let candidates feel that your company is an ideal place to work at. This is a great opportunity to use images and videos to bring out the culture and story of your brand. Do you have a picture of your team at a fun outdoor event or what it’s like to be working in your stunning office? You can attach that to the top of the job post! 

People love photos, so pictures tend to perform well. Consider your job post an advertisement for your company. Keep information clear and concise so that you’re able to grab their attention span in the shortest time. 

7) Make It Fun (But Not Too Fun!)


No one likes being around a boring person, this also applies to your job posting. If you’re too serious about it, this will cause candidates to back away. A warm and assuring tone will attract candidates to want to be a part of the team. Take the time to create a well-crafted job advertisement and choose where to post it. It starts to pay off when you put in that extra effort – especially when it comes to attracting the right talent. 

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