For Young Professionals: The Secrets of Gaining Respect in the Workplace


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Respect is earned, not given.” So what’s the secret of gaining respect at work?

Being young in the workplace can be pressuring and involve challenges. Does that mean you’ll never gain respect in the workplace? No. Were there signs you were not respected at work? It’s time to put a stop to that. You can’t change the fact that your co-workers and you are at a different time of your life. But that doesn’t mean you should be treated any less. 

It gets better:

Here’re 6 ways to earn respect from your boss and colleagues who might not take you seriously because of your age. 

1) Dress to Impress and Watch It Make a Difference

Suit & Tie

This is your first step and the fundamental way to earn respect in the workplace. What you wear and how you dress says a lot about you to others. In this case, you’re communicating non-verbally. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want.” It’s human nature to be judgemental. Thus, let them judge you for having professionalism to your wardrobe. As someone who’s young, the impression you give off to others have great influence. Even if formal attire is not compulsory, don’t use that as an excuse to dress unprofessionally. 

There’s always a minimal line of what’s suitable for work. Analyse how others in your company dresses. Get to know the culture of your office as well as the company’s dress code. Are you allowed to wear jeans or informal attire sometimes? Find out and you’ll be doing yourself a great favour. 

2) Knowledge Is Power and You Need to Embrace It

Reading Newspapers

The phrase, “Never too old to learn” is sensible. Learning doesn’t come to an end when you finish school. School is not where you learn everything about life. You have a whole life ahead of you to learn just that. 

By being up-to-date on trends of your industry and being insightful about your job will help you so much in providing useful and relevant contributions to the company’s projects. 

Knowledge is essential to succeed and make people attracted to you. Your employer hired you because they see potential in you. Being knowledgeable shows you’re not some ignorant individual who’s wasting everyone’s time. It builds trust and confidence for the people around you. People want to be around by those who motivate and inspire them to be better than they were yesterday. 

You’re here to make a difference and have a say in workplace conversations and meetings. So make it happen. 

3) Manage Your Time Wisely


Don’t be someone who have poor time management skills and can’t seem to deliver their duties. Be efficient, organised and don’t be the one who holds back the progress in a team. 

Even if you’ve to come to work 30 minutes earlier or work a little harder to gain respect, do it. Do it for yourself, and not for the sake of others. When you exceed everyone’s expectations (including yourself), you’re demonstrating capability and people will want to rely on you. But, ensure that it’s a good job done. These are subtle efforts to boost your relationships and reputation at work. 

4) Use Your Age to Your Advantage


A genuine company gets the idea they need to evolve with the times. Thus, think of your age as your strength and use it your advantage. Your colleagues will seek your opinions since you’ve been in school more recently than the rest. Use this chance and give them your best insights and impress them. As a young and vibrant individual, people expect you to be energetic and passionate in your work. 

Be courageous enough to question the old ways. If it’s done, people will remember you as a pleasant and brilliant young individual. 

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5) Be Good at Your Job! 


This is a no-brainer but many people still lack in excelling at their job. Everyone make mistakes along the way, but repeated mistakes are unacceptable. If you find yourself unable to deliver your job duties efficiently, don’t be disheartened. When there is a will, there is a way. Figure out the problem and fix it.

All you can do is continue to do your best so that you’re able to improve overtime. As for those who’re doing well at their job, keep it up and continue to enhance your abilities! Let your success be your noise. You don’t have to boost to anyone as they can and will see it for themselves. When you’re good at something, people will remember you for it. 

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6) Be Yourself and Don’t Worry About Others


There’re times when the age gap between your colleagues and you can be of an issue. You don’t want to be rude, unpleasant and lose their respect when there’s a debate. 

Don’t let the age gap prevent you from doing what’s right. At times like this, be strict and maintain your tone of voice. Your individual identity will leave an impression and let everyone else know that you’re not a pushover. 

Respect is not earn in one day. It’s a consistent and day-to-day process which requires constant effort and actions on your part. Give yourself and the people in your workplace time to see your capabilities as a young professional. More importantly, stay true to yourself.

And to end if off, here’s a favourite quote of mine that compliments this article:

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