How to Boost Your Social Media Outreach with Influencer Marketing


Companies now focus on influencer marketing by targeting specific key individuals rather than the target market. Influencer marketing is a trending marketing technique to the advertising game, and is one that is gaining in popularity.

In Singapore, we see talented, influential bloggers or youtubers such as Naomi Neo, speishi, Night Owl Cinematics just to name a few, capturing the hearts of Singaporeans and receiving tremendous support around them.

Clearly, influencers are people who have a significant presence and impact on the Internet. People look up to them, stay up-to-date with their activities, engage in their lives and most importantly – they support them in what they do.

These influencers are what companies are desperately reaching out to. Because when chosen carefully, they’re the experts in helping you spread the word, boost your brand’s image and visibility online and keep the big bucks coming in!

Here’s how you can identify these influencers and determine if they’ll work for your business.  

How Do You Find These People?


You know what your business do. And you want an influencer who believes in what you do. Not to mention, it takes a lot of research and analysis across various social media platforms to find the right people.

You want to select an influencer who’s interested in your field and believes in your brand values and goals. This makes them more apt to collaborate with you.

A must-have tool when identifying these influencers is Buzzsumo. Simply enter a topic or keyword about your brand to see how well they’re performing in terms of engagement, the social shares they received and who’re the major influencers to target.

Image Credit: BuzzSumo
Image Credit: BuzzSumo

This research process is not one to be missed and is incredibly valuable to brands and marketers to develop sticky content that produce increased ROI.

Besides understanding your business and the influencer you want to collaborate with, it’s also important to consider your target audience. Where can you find them online? What social media platforms are they most active on and why?

The key thing to note here is not to simply target people who’re at the top of the list. You can still pitch to those who’re already successful and a massive following on social media, but it can often be more effective to also work with influencers who’re less well-known but have a strong following behind their back.

You Want Your Influencers to Actually Have Influence, Right?


Spoiler Alert: A person with a high number of followers and likes on social media isn’t necessarily influential.

It’s active engagement and lead generation into sales that count.

People can easily buy likes and followers, so you’ve to be careful not to be blinded by someone’s fake impression.

However, the ability to influence and inflict a memorable impression of your brand is what you should seek. You want someone who is continuously interacting with their followers and driving traffic to their sites with their skills and ability.

Even though you’ve conducted in-depth research and want this influencer to endorse your product, you should be curious about his personality and job ethic.

Does he have a commendable reputation? What is his relationship with his followers like? Some influencers click with your business straightaway, as for others, they may not be a right fit no matter how influential they are.

Not Just Any Influencer Will Do


What do we mean by this? You don’t want someone who just posts a piece of boring content of your business online and that’s it. You want fun, creativity, interaction and quality content out there.

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But sponsored posts that look too advertorial tend to get ignored. Therefore, fill in the chosen influencer with details and any other relevant information about your business that’ll be of great help to the endorsement.

Brands with a touch of personal stories that’re filled with sincerity and relevancy to the target audiences are more trusted than straight product reviews.

Compelling, engaging stories that draw out people’s emotions also tend to get more shares and comments than deals and product reviews.

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want but also giving them the creativity to introduce your brand. Share with them your ideas and the direction you feel your brand should be going towards to. These influencers already know what their audiences wants and are experts in this aspect. The more information you put out there, can they be able to know how to appeal to your target audiences.

Trust Is the Foundation of Any Relationship


Would you trust an advertisement from a business you don’t know or someone you’re familiar with? People listen to influencers because they’re familiar with them and they trust their opinions. In order not to let their following down, influencers have a huge responsibility to live up to their expectations by being honest in what they say and do.

It’s important that your influencer is reliable, responsible and trustworthy to your target audience. This will make your brand appear credible in the eyes of your target audience.

This is true to a certain extent, however, bloggers who have a smaller ratio of sponsored content appear to be more trustworthy and authentic.

Whatever your niche, you can engage with influencers to create quality, authentic content your target audience will remember you for while associating your brand with it.

Building a Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Influencers


You want to build relationships with those who can do the same for you. It’s vital to create a connection with the influencer that surpasses the business side of your collaboration. Influencers are customers. A great and memorable experience with you can make them advocates of your brand. Don’t forget that they often receive many pitches about sponsorships, product reviews and endorsements. But this is not all there is to it. Brands can provide networking opportunities and invitations to exclusive events and give them credibility for their effort.

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