10 Types of Colleagues We Love and Hate (Mostly Hate)


The office is where we spent most of our time at throughout the week. We can’t help but get to know the kinds of colleagues we work with along the way. Whether we like it or not, we each belong to one or combined types of colleagues in the office.

We also met numerous people and some of them fall under the same type and some, we may not have encounter yet.

It’s a big deal to think that the people we work with have the power to influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. So why not get to know these different characters’ personality a little more?

1) The Gung-Ho!


What we call the overly enthusiastic or eager colleagues, someone who’s highly motivated and passionate about anything and everything. They’re easily thrilled and can’t wait to be a part of any upcoming projects, meetings and work gatherings. Quite subtly, the whole team’s morale are boosted with their very presence.

Is the gung-ho someone we want in the office: Yes

Sometimes we need someone to take the initiative to motivate the rest of us to step up to our game. We can also learn from the gung-ho to look at the positive side of any situation. But does he know how to do half the things he volunteers to? The mystery remains.

2) The Creative Out of the Box


You’ll find the desks of these colleagues uniquely distinguished from others. They’ve officially announced to the office that they ‘own’ this space. Whether it’s placing photographs, or even decorating it with their favourite soft toys or pasting motivational posters, their workspace is flooded with their personal belongings.

Those who’re hands on or are looking for ways to improve their surroundings – you’ve found them. People who’re out of the box are particularly apt at brainstorming new ideas and quick to solve problems – a highly valued trait to look for in start-ups.

Is the creative someone we want in the office: Yes

If we ever run out of inspiration or ideas, you know who’s the go-to person. This creative individual is always eager to share with you his ideas and perhaps has a bunch of beautiful possession we may have no idea about.

 3) The You Can Count on Me


There’s always a need for enthusiastic and creative colleagues in the office, but the one we all secretly admire are the reliable colleagues. They’re good at their job and ensures work is delivered accordingly to the timeline. Having these colleagues in the office keeps things moving forward. They’re proactive and self-motivated on their own.

Is the reliable someone we want in the office: Yes

Especially for start-ups, the reliable individual is known to be a valuable employee. He’s able to deliver tasks within a short time frame and motivated his colleagues to do the same. Multitasking and stress management become second-nature to someone who’s reliable.

However, there’re people who secretly hate this group due to jealousy and envy. If you happen to be one them, instead of hating, learn and pick up some habits from them to see what they’re doing right.

4) The Gossip Who’s Everywhere


The gossip is everyone worst enemy (unless you’re one of them). He’s focus more on other people’s matters than his own. He priorities gossiping over doing actual work. You’ll see him butting in on the private lives of others only to learn their secrets and expose them when he feels like it.

Is the gossip someone we want in the office: No

Unfortunately, the gossip are colleagues we can’t seem to get rid of. What else can you do? Though it may be tempting to join the conversation and give your opinion about someone else, it doesn’t do you any good at all. The gossip may twist your words and use them against you. What you should do is ignore the gossip, and make it obvious that you’re not interested in participating.

5) The One Who Does Nothing


We have wondered numerous times how this person even passes the interview. This person is an expert at pretending to be busy and acts like he has a ton of work to do. And when he has actual work to do, he finds ways to share the responsibility with others or does a quick and hasty job. He also acts differently when the boss is around. You either find him surfing the net aimlessly, chatting online or on his phone most of the time. (or even taking a nap occasionally)

Is the one who does nothing someone we want in the office: No

We come to work with a goal. A drive. A purpose. If you lack discipline, such colleagues can have a negative influence towards you. You may slowly start to slack off and pick up one or two of his habits. Whereas for the persistent and driven type, you may feel annoyed towards the one who does nothing and can never seem to understand why he lacks passion at work.

6) The Vigorous Complainer


This is the famous personality in the workplace context. Even the smallest thing like the weather is unable to escape from these colleagues. If they’re bored, you’ll hear about it. If there’s a meeting later, you’ll hear them ranting about it. This individual is never satisfied with the way things are, and fails to appreciate the situations and people around him. Simply put – he sucks the energy out of others and is never a pleasure to be around.

Is the vigorous complainer someone we want in the office: No

No one wants to be around someone who complains all the time and fails to appreciate the little things. Such an individual is self-centred and needs to snap out of his little bubble. The truth? No one cares about what the complainer has to say because people are sick of it.

7) The Clueless aka the One Who Sucks at Their Job  


Yup. Not everyone who love their job are good at it. While those who’re good at their job may not even like it the slightest bit. The clueless is an expert in testing your limits and tolerance level. They’re inefficient at their job and can mess up even with the simplest task. When trouble arises, they start pointing fingers and never admit their wrongdoings. If you’re required to work closely with them, you’ll find yourself cleaning up their mess and they don’t even thank you or feel embarrassed about it. What’s worse is they make sure you’re the one to take responsibility if something goes wrong. Sly. Indeed.

Is the clueless someone we want in the office: No

As much as you felt sympathy for this person at first, it starts to get old and wears you out soon enough. The clueless can get reliant on you if they see you don’t mind doing the ‘dirty’ work. It’s advisable to note down the times when the clueless was the one who caused a mistake. When the time is right, you have sufficient evidence to back yourself up and ensure you’re not just falsely accusing someone else.

8) The People Lover


This type thinks everyone is their buddy. Some people love and hate them for it. Such colleagues know everyone in the office and warms up to others quickly. They can be nosy and tries to butt into other people’s business. Most of the time, they mean no harm and may just be expressing genuine interest in you. And they don’t mind over-sharing information with you if you’re willing to listen. Sometimes we wonder if they’re too naïve or simply too nice?

Is the people lover someone we want in the office: Yes

We shouldn’t outcast someone just because they’re more of a people person than us. We could use the occasional chit-chat, right?

9) The Backstabber Who Was Once Your ‘Friend’


Some say it’s impossible to have a friend at work. Some put up a defensive front when working with others. Unfortunately, there’re colleagues who have ill-intensions and ulterior motives for others. And if you’ve ever encounter such colleagues, it’s indeed a terrible experience to go through. The backstabber befriends you and earns your trust to make you open up to them completely. Work can be challenging, so they know how to comfort and be there for you, only prying for the appropriate time to reveal their betrayal and make themselves the victim.

Is the backstabber someone we want in the office: No

No matter how confident we think we’re of not encountering backstabbing colleagues, one can never be too sure. To avoid being the victim of such circumstances, stay alert, don’t tell sensitive information that can be used against you and don’t trust anyone too easily!

10) The Fake


Both the fake and people lover colleagues have one thing in common. They love to interact with people. The major difference is the fake wants to be your friend or be with you because you’re beneficial to them. It could be you’re in charge of many main projects and they hope to be involved in them. Or you have a good relationship with the boss and they want to get on your good side. The moment they find out you’re of no use, they treat you like clothes and don’t hesitate to throw you away and look for the next person who’ll be of help to their career. These people are great at kissing up to others and are not genuine in what they say or do.

Is the fake someone we want in the office: No

It’s perfectly okay to be nice and network with those who may be of help to your career progression. But it’s not okay to make use of people and only befriend them because of ulterior motives. People aren’t dumb. They can tell and identify why you’re interested in them. When dealing with the fake, don’t give any false impression that you’re able to help them or make promises. If you fail to deliver, they don’t hesitate to backstab or gossip about you to management.

Here we have it! Obviously, there’re more characteristics but these are the 10 types of colleagues we both love and hate. What were some of the personalities you encountered before that weren’t mentioned here? Share your stories with us!


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