10 Characteristics of Remarkable Employees to Step Up Your Work Game


What defines a successful company?

They have remarkable employees behind the face of their product or service. Success isn’t achieve through mere luck or doing nothing, waiting for a miracle to happen. It takes preparation, dedication, hard work, tears, setbacks and failures. And remarkable employees go through these stages with the company and experience the fruits of their labour. 

Some employees are remarkable just the way they are. They surpass the expectations of others and people enjoy working these talented individuals. As an employer, you need to identify these remarkable employees and find ways on how to retain them. Whereas for employees, it’s important to take note of the characteristics and work towards developing them!

1) They’re Independent Yet Know When to Ask for Help


The last thing any employer wants is to face an employee who’s clueless and tends to have trouble performing their daily duties and projects. If one is unable to take care of his responsibilities, they drag others down with them. And this results in undesirable consequences. Time and resources spent clearing the mess of this employee may cause an effect on the company’s growth and progress.

What differentiates such employees and remarkable employees is their ability to be independent and self-motivated. They have a strong sense of initiative to complete their tasks and ensure they’re on track with the company’s timeline and goals. 

These employees possess good time management and have a strong will to handle the responsibilities given to them and tend to stay focus on their goals until it’s achieved.  They also get that they’re not perfect, and they’re not a know-it-all. 

2) The Secret Sauce? A Good Attitude.


A good attitude can determine your psychological well-being and make a difference in your working environment. Employees who portray a good, positive attitude are able to cope better when faced with challenges at work. This also makes their interactions with their colleagues and bosses easier and smooth.

Your attitude also determines how well you do your tasks and also how others perceive you. It’s a form of expression of yourself. The way you listen and speak all comes from your attitude. And employees who possess a good attitude towards their work and colleagues are what enables the company to move forward. 

Whereas, employers need to ensure the work environment is energetic and filled with good vibes and positive emotions. If conflicts or negative feelings are present, it’s for the best to solve the issue quickly and move on. 

3) Communication Skills That’s Clear and Precise


Employers love employees who know what they want and how to communicate in a clear and concise manner. 

Whether in writing or speaking, having the ability to communicate, is one of the key characteristics of remarkable employees. The ability of communication skills prevents misunderstandings, miscommunication and conflict. It creates stronger relationships and interactions and performance which ultimately impacts the company’s bottom line. 

Poor communication often leads to misunderstandings and even severe mistakes that could result in damage costs for the company. Employers need to understand the importance of communication between employees and how the existence of excellent communication among employees could bring the company to greater heights. 

4) Demonstrating Diligence in Their Work


Diligence is showing careful and constant effort in one’s work. It’s not a trait that can be easily found in just anyone. It takes one to be earnest, willing, and determined to accomplish what has been assigned to them.  

It’s common to see others giving up at the first sign of adversity. Yet the diligent employee possessed a fighting spirit to finding solutions to a problem. They don’t quit just because it’s difficult. Let the way you do your work speak for itself. Employees should give their best and try their hardest.

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There’s a reason you got hired. It takes effort. Effort is beautiful. If anyone could do your job, you won’t be getting paid. When you portray diligence in your work, you’re also increasing your chances of being the best among others. Be someone who exercises constant diligence in all your duties.

You’ll realise how important it is and how beneficial it can be to your career. More importantly, do it for yourself, and not because you want your boss to notice just how ‘great’ you are. 

5) Lending a Helping Hand to Those in Need


It’s human nature to put our own interests as a priority before others. To a certain extent, we believe that we’re more important than others. There’s no wrong in that, however, remarkable employees also want to make sure others are successful in their own ways. 

Helping others comes easily to these employees because they know how it feels to be helpless. They don’t hesitate in lending a helping hand. If they see a fellow co-worker struggling, they do what they can to help and guide him along. This make them someone who’s reliable and you can bet their co-workers are appreciative of them.

If you’re wondering how you can help, a selfless way is to think about others first when an opportunity arises. It could be the next big project the company is working on. Instead of trying to grab the opportunity without even understanding or assessing whether you’re right for it, spend some time to think about who could really make a difference from this. 

6) Self-Motivated to Do Better and Be Better


Being self-motivated comes from within. It’s a matter of character, upbringing and attitude that drives remarkable employees to be better without any excuses.

To be honest, self-motivation happens based on your self-interest. You don’t do it for others, and you definitely don’t depend on them to achieve the goals and objectives you’ve set for you. 

Such employees are driven to get work done and are willing to take on more responsibilities even if it isn’t within their job scope. They don’t see it as extra work or come up with complains as to why they have to do it. But rather, they take it as a learning opportunity and perhaps in the process, they find themselves growing out of their comfort zone.

The journey of exploring new ideas and gaining new information, is indispensable for employees. And this is something no one can take away from, which makes it so invaluable.  Self-motivation is a good way to develop a proper mindset that allows employees to deal with various situations effectively and efficiently.

7) They Exceed Expectations of Themselves and Others


Remarkable employees understand the importance of any responsibilities assigned to them. They want to excel in their tasks, even the smallest ones and tend to do more than expected. This allows them to exceed expectations of their own and the people around them. 

By doing so, they’ve left a memorable impression and marks them as trustworthy. A resourceful employee finds out how his boss prefers to get work done so he can apply it to his duties. Whereas, employers don’t hesitate to include remarkable employees to projects or any relevant tasks that requires someone trustworthy and capable. 

Those who’re constantly seeking for ways to improve the way things work; tweaking a workflow, coming up with new ideas or highlighting mistakes are those who hold value in the company.

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8) Discipline is a Way of Life


Discipline is an important trait because it helps the company to ensure employees adhere to established company rules and policies. 

Workplace discipline, keeps employees in check and how they should behave themselves and with others. When these rules and policies are applied by employees, it increase employee morale in the workplace. 

Unacceptable behaviors in the workplace such as theft, dishonesty, failure to notify an absence, abusive language, sexual assaults are misconducts that shouldn’t be tolerated.

For they will only carry on and destroy the company’s reputation. Remarkable employees get that rules and policies are necessary to keep the company moving forward. 

9) They Bring Out the Best in Others


Remarkable employees bring out the best in others. They’re fully aware that they’re the faces of the company. How they dress, speak, and the way they work defines the company. They also have a huge influence in the behaviour of their co-workers.

These employees identify the strengths of their team members and ensure they get a chance to utilise them. They believe that everyone is talented in their own ways.

Sometimes when setbacks arise at work, and an emotional situation comes up, these employees are there for their co-workers (not for the gossip). They listen and respond accordingly to the person’s emotions to reduce tension and keep things in a calm manner. Their co-workers know that they can rely on them and look up to them as a mentor and someone who they can work with productively. 

10) Differentiate Yourself to Make an Impression


Remarkable employees are indeed different from the average. They’re also great leaders and managers. Their bosses trust them wholeheartedly and respect their work ethic and professionalism. The little things do make a difference. For example, showing up to work early each day or proposing new and more efficient ways to problems are some ways to implicit that you’re a valuable resource.

Identify your strengths that separates you from the rest and turn it into a characteristic you’ve your boss will remember you for.

After all, you want to show your boss that you can continue to add value to the company and its goals. 

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