The Startup Way: This Women Community Wants to Empower Other Women (And We Want You to Be a Part of It)


“Be in the know, be visible, be inspirational, be collaborative and be global.”

This is Startup Asia Women’s (SAW) belief and motto of women.

Society is beginning to respect, trust and work with women. More importantly, women need to work with other women to build admirable relationships and empower each other to accomplish remarkable things.

And nothing could be more ideal and beautiful than a strong community of women who’re willing to provide critical support, collaboration, shared experiences and resources to other women in startups in Asia.

SAW was formed in December 2016 with these aims:

  • To bring together women who run or work in startups
  • To bring together women who’re planning to start or join startups
  • To bring together women who would like to know more about startups

Founder of SAW, Christina Teo, is also an entrepreneur herself as she started Evoke Asia out of Singapore. With more than 25 years of executive management, marketing, business and human development in the IT, mobile, fashion and skincare industry, she has built a reputation in developing regional strategies and tracking market, developments, with a deep understanding of various consumer markets.

Inspired by her own journey, Christina hopes to give back to the Asian Startup eco-system, by providing an avenue for women in the startup community as a tremendous source of strength in their respective pursuits.

SAW believes that this diverse background is a recipe for success, especially since it inspires a thriving atmosphere of ideation, experiences and motivation from this vibrant community of members who all hail from different backgrounds.

Entrepreneurship was once considered a man’s domain, but not anymore. Women may lack available advisers and mentors which limit their professional growth. Therefore, knowing where to find the right people that can help support your goals and objectives makes a huge difference.

SAW has established a scalable roadmap and strives to share resources and enable the fruition of ideas in collaboration with fellow community members.

There’re so many amazing reasons why we need a strong community of women in our lives. It’s time for women to collaborate, share and lift one another up.

With that, SAW kick-starts the year with an inaugural networking event, featuring the founders of three female-founded startups – Sushivid, an influencer marketing platform, headquartered in Malaysia; Gorillaspace, a fresh new startup aiming to disrupt the office rental market and, semi-finalists of Channel News Asia Startup Competition Season 4.

For this event, you can anticipate a broad range of topics premised around the theme of “Thinking in design, and successful marketing startups”.

About the Event


Join Startup Asia Women at their inaugural event and hear hands-on sharing from co-founders of Sushi Vid, Just Delegate and Gorilla Space around Design Thinking and Marketing.


Tue, 17 January 2017

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM SGT



128 Prinsep street

Singapore, 188655

You can register here.

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  • Thank you for the vote of support. Hurray to empowering women!

    • Hi Christina,

      It’s my pleasure. Wishing you success @ the upcoming event. Cheers.

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