What It’s Like to Be Best Friends with Someone for Over a Decade



They’re people we like more than strangers.

Best Friends.

They’re family.

You’re probably reading this because you have a best friend you’re thinking of right now. Someone who has made an impact in your life. Someone you think about every day. Someone who understands you. Someone you love; your best friend.

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Nothing can ever be compared to this.

They’re people we cherish close to our hearts. And we want the best for them – to be happy. 

As I’m writing this article, I’m also thinking of my once in a lifetime best friend, my family. Having known her for half of my life, this article is dedicated to her and millions of over a decade friendships around the globe.

Here’re what our friendship has taught me over the past decade and what it means to me that I believe you can also relate to with your best friend alike!

It’s Life-Changing


Your life is never the same once you met your best friend. In the beginning, you may not realised the impact he or she has made in your life yet – but it comes to you gradually. Their significance grew as time passes by. You probably had thought to yourself, “Where have this person been my whole life?!” But it’s never too late – you have an undying friendship now.

It all went back to our primary school days when I first met my best friend. Yes, we met when we were literally kids. We weren’t in the same class every year, but we got closer when we were in the same class for 2 consecutive years.

We hung out with people who we aren’t even friends with now (life’s unpredictable), but we were close back then. Since we were kids, we were immature, childish and technology wasn’t even a thing then. I think the hype was Friendster and some of us were using Nokia phones.

All that aside, we had our precious memories and fun in the classrooms and out of it. We always had a good time when we talked to each other. Laughter is always present – I guess that’s what made our friendship stronger and better – even now. Judgement was off the table and we purely enjoy each other’s company.

Time Doesn’t Change the Worth of True Friendships


Fact: people drift.

Even friendships you once had or thought would never change. Those friendships can cause a tremendous amount of pain, but the one with your best friend can overcome any hurdles ahead.

Time does change things, it changes the context in our lives. Suddenly, we’re at a new chapter – a new school, a new job, moving away or even starting a family. We may not be with our best friend as often anymore. If you met your best friend in school like I did, the feeling of not seeing them every day feels like something is wrong, missing. You start to reminisce those unforgettable times.

Yet we cannot escape from new chapters from unfolding in our lives. We must learn to embrace it as it also forms the strength and beauty of true friendships. Time only changes the context in our lives, but not our feelings and connection with our best friend.

So, the next time a new chapter unfolds, don’t be afraid of change or the unforeseen future. Whether it’s a friendship, relationship or with family, when people are dedicated and willing to make a constant effort in it – use actions to speak. Nothing can ever change except for a stronger bond and deeper connection formed.

They Have a Special Place in Your Heart


Some people are simply irreplaceable. Even when you’re with your family or friends, you wished your best friend was here to share the joy. Sometimes, you just want to go to places and do things with your best friend. Because that’s how much they mean to you.

They have the power to make you feel like they’re different from everyone else. And they’re. Even though I’ve meet and met other people, no friendship is like the one I have with my best friend. She has her own jokes to tell, her stories I never get tired listening to, her ridiculous laughter and most importantly – her gracious self.

You Treat Them Like Your Own – Sometimes Better


Guilty as charged.

Why would we want anything less for someone who’s so important to us? We’re willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy. You want to pamper them, make them smile, bring joy into their lives and help them in any way possible.

People say there’re boundaries in friendships. Friends don’t last forever. You’re not blood-related. The list goes on. Although it can be easy to think that way whenever something went awry, friendships will never last this way.

Of course, everyone has flaws. Nobody is perfect. And you should never expect anyone to behave based on your expectations.

What best friends do is they embrace one another’s shortcomings. They focus on the good, rather than the bad.

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You Can’t Live Without Them


They’ve been with you for so long. 10 years is a long time. How can you bear to lose or even live without them? The thought of losing my best friend kills me. They’ve been with you through thick and thin.

They do things for you – even if they don’t like them. Most of the time, they do things because they make you happy. And I can’t appreciate my best friend enough for what she has done for me. For instance, she went with me to a rock concert even though she didn’t know the band. It got hectic in the middle of it as people were pushing vigorously. However, she didn’t complain about it but ensured I was okay and not hurt and ensured I had a good time. 

Best friends are like lucky charms you never want to lose. They bring the good into your life, and it’s never the same without them.

Thank you for being my lucky charm, Chai Na.

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