How Do You Stay Happy at Work When You Feel Like Giving Up?


What’s making you unhappy?

You were happy before. But now going to work seems like a dreadful chore. You feel disengaged and bored at work. You don’t want to leave your job because you still want to make this work. You know things can get better but you don’t know where and how to begin.

Being unhappy at work is no good for you and the people around you. No one wants to be around someone who’s unhappy with themselves and neglects their work responsibilities. And your boss certainly didn’t pay you to be miserable at work.

Change begins with you. We give you 10 actionable steps that can be taken right at this moment to start being happy at work.

1) Start Your Day with Something to Look Forward to


How your day starts determines how the rest of your day goes. Have something to look forward to whether in between or at the end of the day. Something that keeps your mood up and excites you. Some examples are attending a class you’re passionate about, reading a book, meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for a while, or simple things such as eating your favourite food, visiting your grandparents, or giving a relative a call.

One thing you should constantly remind yourself is, you don’t need other people or material possessions to make you happy. But don’t get us wrong. Spending time with your family and friends is something you should look forward to and can help you stay happy at work when we possess relationships out of work we can count on.

However, placing your happiness in the hands of another and expecting them to make you happy does not work. You’re in charge of your own happiness. You know yourself best. So, start filling up your day with little things that make you happy.

2) Set Goals and Focus on One Thing at a Time


We should set goals to accomplish at work. It could be to ace that client presentation today, complete writing that article or report, or replying to important emails.

No matter what our job is, we need to establish daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Our goals provide us direction, help us to look forward, keep us motivated, happy, and enable us to evaluate our performance gradually.

When we’re focus on completing a goal, we feel challenge and put in our best effort to achieve it. We need to find meaning and purpose in our work to pique our interest and curiosity. 

All this is important so that we do not find ourselves stuck in a repetitious cycle of doing work that doesn’t help us to grow. This is what causes you to feel emotionally and mentally disinterested at work. When we’re goal-oriented, it’s easier for us to contribute and get things done efficiently.

3) Create a Playlist to Boost Your Mood


This depends on whether listening to music at your workplace is allowed. It also depends on whether you can concentrate at work when listening to music.

Most of us listen to music when we’re on public transportation, during lunch, at work, and even when we sleep.

Music enhances our mood and is capable of making us happy. If you’re allowed to listen to music at work, use it to help you increase your productivity levels.

Majority of us don’t work alone, and there’re all kinds of conversations, phone calls, and meetings out in the open in the office space. And when you’re not involved in any of them, it gets overwhelming. That’s when you need music to help you lay off the distractions and outside noise.

People listen to music to manage their moods and create a barrier from their external surroundings. It can be helpful, depending on what you choose to listen to.

Our brain is constantly trying to process new data; therefore, you may want to avoid any new music when you’re dealing with a project with an upcoming deadline because your brain is unable to focus. Therefore, listening to familiar songs or songs you can reminisce with are great alternatives for concentration. 

4) Appreciate How Far You’ve Come and What You’ve Achieve


Isn’t it fascinating?

We are where we are today because we choose to take that first step one day. We didn’t give up. Of course, we were afraid and had our doubts, but we took that first critical step to make whatever we have now – happen.

And that is your power. Even if you’re unhappy at work now, it’s not the end and how the rest of your life will be. Even if where you are now is not where you want to be, you learn and grow from it. And you can take another step to make things better than before.

But before you do that, just take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieve. Believing you have the strength to go on is the best thing you can do for yourself – no matter what situation you’re in.

5) Change Your Perspective About Your Job


How we react is based on our own perspectives – our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

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What we think, we become. So, don’t put yourself down but choose to lift yourself up.

Many of us struggle relentlessly to look at the bright side. Why? Because it’s takes nothing to feel bad for yourself – just like that. Whereas, being positive requires an indestructible mindset and willpower. The good news is, with practice, you can also develop such a mentality and determination in your life.

How can you begin changing your perspective to look at things more positively? Start small. Write down three things you’re grateful for every day. Tell yourself that you’re employed and you’re going to make the best out of it – every single day – until you figure out the next best opportunity. You will not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. It’s time to stand your ground.

6) Don’t Give Up on Your Breaks!


We’re humans, not bots. We need to take breaks occasionally throughout the day. Focusing on one thing for too long hinders our productivity and the way we consume and process information. However, learning to take breaks after a long period of working on a task and coming back to it later, provides clarity and helps you to focus better than before.

This can also help you in completing your tasks earlier. Taking your well-deserved breaks at work comes in many forms; from chilling at the pantry, taking a walk along the building, or simply looking afar from your computer to take the strain away from your eyes.

7) Establish Genuine Relationships


Who says we can’t have healthy working relationships at work?

Although the workplace may be competitive and it’s not an ideal place to make friends, we can still create a fun and loving environment to work in. When you take the chance to create genuine relationships with your co-workers, you increase your happiness levels and feel comfortable and productive at work.

You work and interact with these people for at least 40 hours a week. If you’re not on good terms, this affects your mood tremendously.  

Going for lunch together among co-workers is common and seen everywhere. It has been proven that when you eat with people you work with, it fosters deeper work relationships, teamwork, and makes you happier.

These lunches help co-workers establish office friendships and promote a happier, united, and positive work environment.

8) Step Away from the Gossip and Drama


At one point, we learn to step away from the gossip and drama. It sucks out our energy and leaving us more dreadful than before. It does nothing than cause us temporary satisfaction but the outcome is pointless and does nothing to benefit our lives. This is unhealthy.

Office politics exist and happen everywhere – no matter where you work at. There’ll always be someone or a group of people involve in gossiping and starting drama. You may not prevent it, but you can choose to step away. And that’s a remarkable thing to do. While it may seem entertaining or refreshing to hear something juicy at work, it doesn’t do you any good but make you seem untrustworthy in the eyes of others or someone who simply complains but does nothing to change their circumstances.

9) Make the Most of YOUR Weekends


The weekends are when you kick back and indulge in fun and uplifting activities that inspire and help you grow. It’s when you take a break from the hectic week and spend quality time alone or people who matter.

Spending an enjoyable and fulfilling weekend can boost your mood and increase productivity levels when you return to work for the week. It helps take your mind off the pressure and stress for the time being and allows you to prepare yourself to take on a new week.

Make the most of your weekends and use them as an opportunity to reflect on your journey. Do you enjoy going to work? Or are you using the weekends as an excuse to escape reality? What do you really want to do? And what changes are you willing to make?

These big picture habits can help you to improve and succeed in your life. Bear in mind – don’t let the weekends be the only reason to make you happy. Being happy every day even at work is what matters and what you should work towards to.

10) Start a Side Project


Do you want to spend the rest of your life building the dream of someone else? No.

You have dreams you want to fulfill. You may not have what you need to fulfill them now, but you can constantly work towards it. What you choose to do on an everyday basis will never fail you. Remember that.

You have a job. You need a job. A job gives us security, financially and socially. We love the fact that we’re employed. But that shouldn’t satisfy us for us to stay in our comfort zone. A job should lay the foundation of our needs, it should give us the leverage of chasing our dreams. It’s an opportunity given to us to explore new interests and turn it into money-making opportunities.

For instance, you want to start an online clothing business. Therefore, you can use a quarter of your monthly salary and spend it on retail courses or training to understand more about the industry to avoid beginners’ mistake. With that, you can start making smart buying choices and understand how the consumer market works to boost your business.

When you have a side project to work on (teaching others, developing an app, starting a business etc.) besides your actual job, it motivates you to work harder and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This thought process not only helps you to perform better at work, it also helps you to develop into a better person as you work towards your dreams.

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