It’s the time of the year where your performance appraisal either creates anxiety or motivation for you. Performance appraisals happen even when we don’t realise it. Whether it was communicated formally or informally, it’s necessary so as to help employees reassess their performance to help them understand and redefine their goals with the company. However, […]


What types of managers have you worked with and their roles they play at work? We’re familiar that management and the types of managers employees associated with, directly influence their work performance independently and as a team.  Today’s workplace is a fairly interesting environment. Gone are the old days when managers were always authoritative; our […]


If you’re like me with a Singaporean childhood that was heavily embedded in a curriculum that emphasised ‘hard’ subjects like math and science, then you’re likely to think of hard, technical skills as paramount for success in life. Technical skills, knowledge, and experience are necessary for any profession. However, such a mindset can blindside us […]


“Write drunk, edit sober.” This line has been famously and repeatedly credited to the legendary writer, Ernest Hemingway, although there’s no evidence that he ever said that. On the other hand, American novelist Peter De Vries did say, “Sometimes I write drunk and revise sober, and sometimes I write sober and revise drunk. But you have […]