What types of managers have you worked with and their roles they play at work? We’re familiar that management and the types of managers employees associated with, directly influence their work performance independently and as a team.  Today’s workplace is a fairly interesting environment. Gone are the old days when managers were always authoritative; our […]


When media giant Viacom bought Black Entertainment Television (BET) for more than two billion US dollars in 2001, its founder Robert Johnson became the first African-American listed on the Forbes Billionaire list. What started as a US$500,000 investment became a huge fortune, but it might not have happened if Johnson’s early negotiations in the 1970s […]


In 1984, Dr. Robert Cialdini wrote a book titled Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The six principles in the book have become highly influential and a cornerstone of strategies for sales, marketing, negotiations, communications, relationships, and many other social aspects of life. Why is the ability to influence and persuade important? Influence is power. A […]