We spend 8-12 hours a day at work. There’s no way we’re 100% focus and productive all the time (don’t fool yourself). Some days, we spent furiously meeting deadlines, delivering projects, and executing marketing strategies. While some days, we slack off and find ourselves constantly distracted by every little unimportant factor and waste the rest […]


If you’re like me with a Singaporean childhood that was heavily embedded in a curriculum that emphasised ‘hard’ subjects like math and science, then you’re likely to think of hard, technical skills as paramount for success in life. Technical skills, knowledge, and experience are necessary for any profession. However, such a mindset can blindside us […]


Recently we wrote an article on 10 Types of Colleagues We Love and Hate (Mostly Hate), which inspired us to write this article. How should we deal with a co-worker we can’t get along with or simply dislike? We heard stories about work. A co-worker’s gossip, betrayal, backstabbing or even bullying, these situations happen everyday, right now, […]