Employers value employees who’re focused, detailed-oriented, productive, and complete their tasks in a timely manner. But not all employers are blessed with such employees. Do they even exist? We certainly hope so. Even the best employees have days where they feel unmotivated and disengaged with work. Businesses can’t afford to overlook on employee productivity in […]


What defines a successful company? They have remarkable employees behind the face of their product or service. Success isn’t achieve through mere luck or doing nothing, waiting for a miracle to happen. It takes preparation, dedication, hard work, tears, setbacks and failures. And remarkable employees go through these stages with the company and experience the […]


It’s the time of the year where your performance appraisal either creates anxiety or motivation for you. Performance appraisals happen even when we don’t realise it. Whether it was communicated formally or informally, it’s necessary so as to help employees reassess their performance to help them understand and redefine their goals with the company. However, […]