According to w3schools browser statistics and trends, Google Chrome is the most used browser today. Google Chrome is a terrific browser on its own. I mean, who doesn’t use Google Chrome? And it’s gets better with Chrome Extensions from Google. For those of you who don’t know (I hardly doubt so), Google chrome extensions are small […]


Companies now focus on influencer marketing by targeting specific key individuals rather than the target market. Influencer marketing is a trending marketing technique to the advertising game, and is one that is gaining in popularity. In Singapore, we see talented, influential bloggers or youtubers such as Naomi Neo, speishi, Night Owl Cinematics just to name […]

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Moving with technology, the landscape of Human Resource (HR) has been undergoing enormous alteration in its roles and functions. Unlike the conventional supporting role, HR is increasingly playing a leading role in critical business decisions. The question beckons, “What does this mean for HR professionals, and what is the new role of HR within the […]