We spend 8-12 hours a day at work. There’s no way we’re 100% focus and productive all the time (don’t fool yourself). Some days, we spent furiously meeting deadlines, delivering projects, and executing marketing strategies. While some days, we slack off and find ourselves constantly distracted by every little unimportant factor and waste the rest […]


It’s the time of the year where your performance appraisal either creates anxiety or motivation for you. Performance appraisals happen even when we don’t realise it. Whether it was communicated formally or informally, it’s necessary so as to help employees reassess their performance to help them understand and redefine their goals with the company. However, […]


According to w3schools browser statistics and trends, Google Chrome is the most used browser today. Google Chrome is a terrific browser on its own. I mean, who doesn’t use Google Chrome? And it’s gets better with Chrome Extensions from Google. For those of you who don’t know (I hardly doubt so), Google chrome extensions are small […]


Companies now focus on influencer marketing by targeting specific key individuals rather than the target market. Influencer marketing is a trending marketing technique to the advertising game, and is one that is gaining in popularity. In Singapore, we see talented, influential bloggers or youtubers such as Naomi Neo, speishi, Night Owl Cinematics just to name […]